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bul.1.P.Iavorov, Montana, Bulgaria




DEMI TRASN LTD is bulgarian company with main activity transport and freight forwarding. It was established 2003 in Montana court.

The office was moved to Kostinbrod city, where we have our own private parking.


At the beginning DEMI TRANS LTD operated only between Bulgaria and Hungary with SOLO trucks, today we have our own high volume trucks.

Why should you choose our services?

DEMI TRANS LTD is a family company with over 14 years of experience offering complex services. From our experience benefit many companies and forwarders throughout Europe.

We strive to perform our services at the highest level and according to customer requirements.

We welcome challenges and consider them as opportunities The modern fleet and experienced drivers guarantee the excellent performance of the service.

We offer our clients:

  • • Professional consultation regarding the requirements of the load
  • • Reliable valuation of the transport service
  • • Organization of special permits needed over the total distance
  • • Transportation coordination with the police and other departments throughout the route

Our services


DEMI TRANS LTD offers its clients full and groupage transport with high volume vehicle. We operate throughout the European Union. If your transport requires volume transport with a shipping space of 105m³ - 120m³ .

In our fleet you can choose between the following compositions 7,7x7,7 or 7х8 or 13,60. Because we know how important for you your cargo is, we give you daily update where the truck is. Every one of them has a GPS system. 

We arrange import and export road transport between Bulgaria and European Union countries.

Transport of oversized loads

DEMI TRANS LTD performs specialized transport of oversized loads. Your cargo is important for us and we will carry it under sailcloth. This is possible because the constructions of our trucks are expandable to 3.5 meters.

Our vehicles have annual permits for the countries of the EU, loading ramps, chains and belts for securing the cargo. In some case sizes require not only existing permits and special routes and permits prepared by the police. We can arrange them for you.

We arrange import and export road transport between Bulgaria and the following countries: RO, HU, CZ, SK, AT, DE, BE, NL, FR.

How to contact?

Where to find us?
SEMI with excavator




    • e-mail:
  • Phone
    +359 878 679 807
  • Address registration:
    bul. 1.P.Iavorov, 3400 Montana, Bulgaria
  • Managment address:
    bul. Lomsko shose, 2230 Kostinbrod, Bulgaria
  • Mailing address
    mailbox 82, 2230 Kostinbrod, Bulgaria